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We are challenged and truly honoured to be able to improve the quality of human life through offering the leading, innovative medical solutions, as well as our engagement and efforts. Our unique and innovative medicinal products meet all necessary quality requirements, which is evidenced by relevant certificates.

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Investor Relations

Information about management of the company, the shareholding structure, current and periodic reports, as well as current listings. Here investors will also find all necessary contact details.


„BIOMED LUBLIN” Wytwórnia Surowic i szczepionek

Spółka Akcyjna

Ul. Uniwersytecka 10

20-029 Lublin

Tel. +48 81 533-82-21

Fax. +48 81 533-80-60


„BIOMED LUBLIN” Wytwórnia Surowic i szczepionek

Spółka Akcyjna

Ul. Główna 34

20-832 Lublin

Tel. +48 81 533-32-86

Domestic sales department

Tel./Fax +48 81 533-23-03

Tel. +48 81 464-02-17



Export sales department


Tel. +48 81 533 82 21 ext. 210


Medical Department  – Reporting side effects

Tel. +48 515-035-071