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The mission of Biomed Lublin is promoting health and saving life of people through development of innovative products and product indications, conducting clinical trials in cooperation with research facilities and medical centres as well as improving technology and expanding production capacity to support increase in the global market share.


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Biomed Lublin is a Polish company which manufactures and commercialises products in various market segments with selected high-margin products having high market potential in the life science industry.

In its portfolio it has, and constantly develops new, innovative products using the organisation’s know-how and own production technologies. The company aims to improve these technologies and increase its production capacity, in order to meet the growing demand on its products on existing and new markets, as well as to achieve stable increase in the global market share. Geographical expansion is directed towards cooperation with partners who ensure profitable and high growth in sales.

The company is committed to building relations and cooperation with universities, research centres and medical authorities in order to develop new products and new indications as well as to conduct clinical research documenting efficiency of existing medicines.

Achievement of the above goals is possible thanks to activities like, for example, design of a new plant, rebranding, implementation of new IT systems, innovative technologies but most of all thanks to activities leading to creation of an efficient and stable organisation. We employ new, ambitious, committed and well-qualified staff and ensure professional development in a success-driven organisation. Biomed Lublin implements HR policies and processes for efficient management of human potential, ensuring satisfactory work on market terms for employees and business benefits for the company and its shareholders.

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Company History

The origins of “BIOMED-LUBLIN” WSiS S.A. go back to 1944. Complicated epidemiological situation in Poland, caused by the 2nd World War which approached its final stage, required urgent actions in order to prevent spreading of infectious diseases.


4 December 1944 – launching of production laboratory for vaccines against typhus “Laboratorium Produkcji Szczepionki przeciwko Durowi Plamistemu” (later called “Zakład Produkcji Szczepionki przeciwko Durowi Osutkowemu im. Rudolfa Weigla” [Rudolf Weigl production facility of vaccine against typhus] at the National Hygiene Institute in Lublin);


1944 – a second production facility is established at the Lublin branch of the National Hygiene Institute – “Zakład Produkcji Surowic i Szczepionek” [serum and vaccines factory] (production of vaccines against rabies, dysentery and typhoid, and Delbet’s nonspecific stimulative vaccine, anti-diphtheritic and antitetanic sera);


1951 – separation of both facilities from the structure of the National Hygiene Institute (they start functioning as “Lubelska Wytwórnia Surowic i Szczepionek” [Lublin factory of serum and vaccines]);


1950s – dynamic growth of the Lublin factory – substantial increase in the number of employees, extension of production departments, extending the product range;


1959 – the Factory starts the manufacturing of Polio vaccine against Heine-Medin disease (poliomyelitis) and production of a bacterial preparation named Lakcid;


1960 – the “Lubelska Wytwórnia Surowic i Szczepionek” [Lublin factory of serum and vaccines] is renamed “Wytwórnia Surowic i Szczepionek w Lublinie” [the factory of serum and vaccines in Lublin];


1970s and 1980s – continuous modernisation of manufacturing processes, implementation of new technologies, extension of product range, modernisation of equipment,


1994 – the 50th anniversary of the establishment of “Wytwórnia Surowic i Szczepionek” in Lublin – the company is proud of producing such preparations as for example: BCG tuberculosis vaccine, “Lakcid”, “Biogonadyl”, “Trombina” [thrombin], “Gastrotrombina” and “Histaglobina”.


30 December 1999 – establishment of company named “Biomed” Serum and Vaccine Production Plant PLC in Lublin.


13 December 2010 – registration by the District Court in Lublin of change in the company’s legal form to Joint-stock company operating under the business name “BIOMED-LUBLIN” Wytwórnia Surowic i Szczepionek S.A.


2012 – registration by the Office for Registration of Medicinal Products, Medical Devices and Biocidal Products of two plasma-derived products – albumin and human blood coagulation factor VIII.


November 2013 – conclusion of two agreements with the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development on co-financing of technology for the production of a new-generation intravenous immunoglobulin and innovative von Willebrand factor. (PLN 65.8 million).


June 2014 – conclusion of the agreements with the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development on financing of technology for the production of a new-generation intravenous immunoglobulin (PLN 30.2 million).


11 July 2014 – registration by the Office for Registration of Medicinal Products, Medical Devices and Biocidal Products of the third of five plasma-derived products – human immunoglobulin for intravenous administration.


1 May 2015 – addition of Nanogy 5% (immunoglobulin) to the list of 100% reimbursed drugs by the Ministry of Health for all drug programmes applying immunoglobulin therapy

Reimbursement of the Nanogy 5% product in three drug programmes:

B.62. Therapy in children’s primary immunodeficiency syndromes

B.62. Therapy in adults’ primary immunodeficiency syndromes

B.67. Therapy involving transfusions of immunoglobulins in neurological diseases


December 2015 – the value of won public tenders for the supply of plasma-derived products to Polish hospitals – NANOGY 5% immunoglobulin and Fortalbia 20% albumin – produced in LFB BIOMEDICAMENTS in France exceeded PLN 20 million net.