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Trombina wołowa

Ox Thrombin For In-Vitro Diagnostics, Lyophilisate

Thrombin, belonging to glycoproteins is a proteolytic enzyme catalyzing fibrinogen transformation into fibrin during blood coagulation. Obtained from ox blood through barium sulfate based sorbtion, multiple purification and activation to active enzyme using auto conversion method. Contains aminooctane acid as stabilizer. Used in physiological, biochemical, pathological laboratory tests as well as in diagnostics for identification of blood coagulation system disturbances.



1 phial w. lyophilisate, 10,000 a.u.

1 phial w. lyophilisate, 5,000 a.u.

10 liophylisate amps., 400 a.u.

Storage: 2°C – 8°C.

Use-by period: 3 years